Applicable Packages
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Tidio lets your visitors chat with you through your site, and has a free package that allows up to three operators to chat to an unlimited number of visitors. You can run a desktop application or a mobile app, which will notify you when a visitor starts to chat.

A visitor to your site will see a chat tab attached to the bottom-right corner of their browser window, as shown in figure 1.

Figure 1. the chat tab

After clicking on this tab, the chat window appears, as shown in figure 2.

Figure 2. the chat window

Adding Tidio to your site

Sign up for Tidio and choose the widget colour and icon. You will then be given some code that looks like this:

<script src="//"></script>

Open the settings panel and click Tidio in the menu on the left. Enter your Tidio code in the field and click Add.

If you later wish to remove Tidio from your site, click the Remove button.