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The field component, whose option icon is shown in figure 1, creates a text field in a form.

Figure 1. the field option icon

Editing a field

Click on the field to open the field window, as shown in figure 2.

Figure 2. the field window

The field window has two tabs. The Field tab lets you change the following settings:


The label for the field.

Field type

Whether the field is a single-line field, a single-line password field, or a multiple-line field. Note that a password field obscures the data being entered, but does not encrypt the data when the form is submitted. Do not use a form to collect sensitive information such as credit card numbers.


Whether the visitor has to enter a value in the field.

Value format

Whether the value entered can be any text, or has to be a number, date, or e-mail address. Note that the number format only allows the digits 0 to 9, and should not be used for telephone numbers as they may contain spaces, brackets, plus signs, dashes, and other non-numeric characters. Note that the e-mail format checks that the value looks like an e-mail address, but cannot tell whether the e-mail address actually exists and belongs to the visitor.

The MailChimp tab is shown if the form is connected to a MailChimp list, and lets you specify the corresponding field in the MailChimp list.

Click OK to apply the changes to the field. Click Cancel to return to the page without changing the field.