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Google Analytics provides statistical reports for sites, and can be used to supplement the reports in the Statistics panel. After registering for Google Analytics and entering the details of your site, you will be given a measurement ID of the form G-ABC123DEF (if using Google Analytics 4) or tracking ID of the form UA-12345678-9 (if using the older Universal Analytics). If you’re having trouble finding your ID, see Google’s help page.

Open the settings panel and click Google Analytics in the menu on the left to display the Google Analytics accounts list:

The field at the top of the Google Analytics accounts list lets you connect to an account by entering its ID and clicking Connect. Below this is a list of the existing accounts. To disconnect from an account, click Disconnect.

Note that for a period of up to 24 hours after connecting to a new property, Google Analytics may continue to report that the tracking code was not found on the site.